Ten years old and the FA National Futsal League gets an identity

This year we saw the FA National Futsal league hit 10 years old, and to celebrate it, they teamed up with The Futsal Shop to create a vibrant and modern new look.

The FA Futsal Super League is the pinnacle of the English league pyramid, with 12 teams competing for a place in the UEFA Futsal Champions League. There are more teams been accepted into Division 2 and the Women’s League, taking the number of teams for 2018-19 to 75.

With only a few more weeks until the Christmas break (at the time of writing), London Helevecia Futsal Club find themselves 9 points clear at the top of the table, having won 8 from 8, we are well into this decennary season

FA National Futsal League Logo GIF
Each division has its own colour

Agile, powerful and quick - the jaguar

Representing futsal’s South American origins, the jaguar is the focal point of the leagues new identity. The epitome of agility, speed, balance and ruthless intelligence, the Jaguar is synonymous with the characteristics of players and the sport itself. The new FA National Futsal League and its identity will resonate with players and fans alike.

The Futsal Shop and its designers, Oli Riches and Petter Tangen, worked alongside The FA National Futsal League and key influencers to create a contemporary identity that encapsulates the excitement of the sport and the FA National Futsal League. To ensure that the identity worked on multiple physical and digital surfaces, They created a flexible and adaptive identity that can be easily adopted and used by any partner.

This is futsal

Futsal is quick and exciting, where players are continuously changing direction. This motion is played out in the sweeping lines that flow up through the Jaguar’s turning head. A vibrant and flamboyant colour palette inspired by the sights and colours found in South America is used to differentiate the leagues, giving each their own expression. The branding will work across a vast range of touch-points, from sleeve badges and balls to social media, pitch-side boards and more.

FA National Futsal League Logo by The Futsal Shop
The Futsal Shop in Partnership with the FA National Futsal League

"Our approach was to focus on the speed and energy of futsal, to showcase the colourful and fun nature of the game. The challenge was to express this energy in the game while uniting the leagues with an identity flexible enough for everyone to use,” said Oli Riches, lead designer and creative director of The Futsal Shop.

"The FA National Futsal League is very excited about the launch of its new logo and welcomes this positive step forward in re-branding the league as it moves into its second decade of providing elite futsal in England. Our thanks are extended to The Futsal Shop for their tremendous work in helping us in this venture”, said Bob Cotter of the FA National Futsal League.

New beginnings

The new logo is just the start of giving English futsal its own identity. A new website will follow in due course (early 2019 we hear), as well as the England National team starting to become more active on the international circuit. The beginning of December saw England national team retain their Futsal Home Nations Championship title, securing 3 wins from 3 over Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. All games were streamed live on the BBC website and amazingly available on TV via the red button! Episodes are available via the BBC website, but only available up to 30 days from broadcast... so go check them out now!

Futsal Home Nations Championships 2018 - Northern Ireland - Fixtures available to watch until the end of December 2018

With plenty on the horizon, there will more to come in 2019 with Futsal Insights reporting that there are around 60 million players worldwide in the sport of futsal.

The FA National Futsal League tables

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