Our Manifesto

We believe Futsal is the future of Football.

Futsal is one of the fastest growing indoor sports in the UK, while over the past 10 years the game has been one of the fastest expanding in the world and it now boasts a World Cup, UEFA Cup, FA Cup and University Leagues and Tournaments. Participation among ladies and girls is increasing every year as the game’s profile continues to grow in the female market.

The dry, even and clean indoor facilities provide ideal playing conditions for people of all ages and abilities; from Walking Futsal to the Elite Leagues.

Our Futsal Arena provides a year-round playing area to take bad weather out of the equation.

We believe that touch, skill and quick-thinking is improved markedly by the game of Futsal. And we believe that Futsal has a huge role to play in the development of this country’s next generation of highly creative footballers.

Because of these facts and beliefs, Futsal Arenas Limited aim to bring a sea-change to small-sided football in the UK.

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The Opportunity

We believe in a community orientated collaborative approach with a wide group of partners who wish to develop the game of Futsal. We aim to build facilities where all are welcome and everyone benefits from the game of Futsal.

The Futsal Arenas proposal is more than simply a successful and viable business opportunity. The aim is to become a key aspect of the local community, through meeting the needs and requirements of all stakeholders and partners.

Futsal Arenas are looking for Local Youth and Adult Leagues, Universities and Higher & Further Education colleges which will benefit hugely from these facilities in ensuring all leagues can go ahead year-round with no matches postponed or cancelled due to bad weather; as well as providing high quality training facilities for youth leagues of all ages and levels.

Further to this, Professional & Semi-Pro football clubs with an established youth set up can be assured of training facilities designed to the highest standard with the development of core football skills developed through Futsal a key reason behind the backing of the game from the national FA and FIFA.

Importantly, and a major difference from current small-sided football operators, our facilities will be bright, lively, friendly & professional with a welcoming atmosphere for kids, parents and players from every walk of life.

Get involved…..

Futsal Arenas Limited are actively seeking partners for the development of its first three sites in the UK.

Typically, our partners will have a site in a prime location on which the Futsal Arena Dome can be erected with sufficient parking or access to make the site viable. An ideal site will allow the erection of the Futsal Dome and contain approx. 25,000 ft2 to 50,000 ft2.

We are looking to work closely with the following organisations, based around key UK cities with access to large populations, in moving forward with this hugely exciting opportunity:

- Local FAs

- Local Youth Football Leagues

- Local Universities

- Local Professional Football Clubs

- Local Schools and Sports Academies

- An Existing Local Authority With Potential To Add A Futsal Venue

- Private landowners

Our Facilities

Futsal Arenas unique facility proposition includes the construction of a semi-permanent Dome that will house the pitches and the high-quality changing facilities, café, viewing areas and classrooms. The size of the FAL Dome varies from 25,000 – 50,000 sq ft internally, depending on land space available at the site.

The FAL Dome is the most cost effective structure on the market with construction cost, depending on necessary groundworks, around 75% less than a traditional bricks and mortar building. The Dome is quick to erect with build times approximately 3-4 months from Day 1 to completion. Further to this, the FAL Dome remains a Capital Asset and it can be taken down and moved or sold on with over 60% of the value retained.

The Dome is intended to provide a striking and cost effective venue that can be operational very quickly and can be located on land with a relatively short lease. Indeed sites with a lease as short as 3 years would support a viable business model because of the low cost of building development.

The FAL Dome has an environmentally friendly ISO standard, recyclable and UV-stabilised polypropylene flooring ideal for Futsal. This allows for a true bounce and impact resistant surface which is both non-abrasive and promotes a faster game and so ensuring a player and spectator friendly experience.

We believe that the Future of Football needs a futuristic location. This, is the Futsal Arena.

Click Here to see an example of the internal layout configuration of a Futsal Arena.

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The Game

Futsal is the format for small sided football approved by FIFA and the FA. It is a fun, fast-paced small sided game that is played indoors on a reduced-size pitch with a smaller and heavier ball than with traditional small sided football. These subtle yet key differences from the traditional game encourage first touch, ball control, quick thinking and concentration throughout the game, all core skills which are advocated at the highest level of football by both FIFA and the FA.

The nature of Futsal, with no ‘rebound boards’ commonly found in 5-a-side, means that the game places a large emphasis on technical skill and ability in situations of high pressure. This means that Futsal provides an excellent way to improve and develop as a footballer, whatever the player’s natural level of ability.

Compared with the traditional game, the laws of Futsal have incorporated useful elements from other indoor sports. Such as an accumulated foul count being in place, with each and every team foul after the fifth in any one half resulting in an unopposed ten metre penalty. This conditions the defensive tactics of teams and rewards attacking play, again key aspects of the development of a football of any ability.

Teams can also use a bench of up to seven rotating substitutes which means that the tempo of games remains high throughout. Games are played in two twenty minute halves but as the countdown clock is stopped every time the ball is out of play, an average game can at International Level last 80 to 90 minutes.

"The game is getting more technical. With a focus on decision-making, skills and the creativity earned playing Futsal."

Sir Trevor Brooking - Director of Football Development, The FA

The History

The origins of the sport are a matter of debate. Some believe it began in the Young Men's Christian Associations (YMCA) in Montevideo, Uruguay, at a time when the church used sport to instil moral values, like discipline and honour.

Others believe Brazil invented the game, as the urban sprawl of cities such as Rio and Sao Paulo wiped out the space for 11-a-side pitches.

What is not disputed is that the rules were formalised in Uruguay as a combination of basketball, water polo, handball and, of course, football - 20 minutes each way, five or six-a-side.

In 1989, FIFA took control of the sport and this wider popularity brought changes. With television companies interested, FIFA made the ball twice as big - a size four rather than the size two with which the game began - and much lighter. Spain began to take futsal seriously, using Brazilian-born players to strengthen their team, winning futsal's World Cup twice. It soon became a regular part of the academies at Barcelona, Real Madrid and elsewhere in La Liga.

UEFA have not been slow to realise the potential of the sport as a superb technical grounding for learning the game. Close control, dribbling, fast decision making and quick execution are all amplified on the Futsal pitch. Coaching for young players age five to 8 years old is increasingly regarded as the crucial starting point in learning the basics of football.

In short, Futsal is the future of football with the potential to be an Olympic Sports and become a lead attraction on national TV, as shown with the success of the Indian Futsal League!

Our Motivation

Futsal Arenas Limited is owned and run by Patrick Rooney.

From an early age Pat loved football and like many of us he spent his early years playing the game in every spare moment and building an encyclopaedic knowledge of players, tactics and useless statistics!

Having recently played his 1000th competitive grass roots game of football, Pat feels perfectly qualified to understand what remains lacking within our national game and understands the need to tackle the lack of adequate available facilities.

Professionally, Pat has built a very successful company in the building industry. His company, RFM, has developed a unique management concept that has been servicing the commercial and residential property markets in Central London for the past 15 years. This management technique is based on the highest standards of delivery and ethics and is in sharp contrast to the approach adopted elsewhere in the property industry.

Pat intends to combine these experiences in construction and project management directly to bear on the development of Futsal in the UK. Pat’s aim: To develop a different & highly effective approach to sport facility development in order to give back to the sport we love, and help to build the future of football.